Balcony Glazing

Lumon specializes in flexible glass solutions for conservatories, balconies and terraces. The glazing system can be adapted to any kind of terrace, balcony or conservatory. The glazing system will allow you to maximize the benefits of your outdoor area. Create a peaceful oasis in your home, that can be used year round. The glazing system is stylish and easy to integrate, it will maintain the architectural integrity of your home. Whatever your glazing needs are, we are ready to advise you.

Lumon Balcony Glazing

Profilshop is a distributor of the Finnish balcony glazing company Lumon. 
Lumon is Europe’s leading supplier of balcony glazing systems for balconies and terraces. Profilshop is proud to be a distributor of Lumon, Lumon’s balcony glazing systems allow us to deliver a flexible and high-quality product to our customers.
In addition to improving the balcony/terrace for our customers, the glazing system is energy efficient which is good for the environment and the electricity bill. 
The balcony glazing is heat saving, noise-canceling, shields from wind, snow, rain, is easy to clean and provides an uninterrupted view.
Balcony glazing combined with your terrace/ balcony will give you an extra room and can be used year-round even during the winter season.
The glazing system is versatile with possibilities including sliding doors, roofs and handrails. 
Lumon can be combined with our other products as well. 

Environmentally conscious Lumon:

Lumon is very environmentally conscious, and it applies to their entire supply chain as well as the finished product.
All balconies and terraces are produced in Aluminium and glass materials, which has a long life cycle and after dismantling can be 100% recycled. 

Save on Heating bills: 

Independent tests conclude that Lumon’s balcony and patio roofing can provide savings of up to 10,7 % of heat consumption. 
The cause of this is because the air behind the glass is stationary, and acts as insulation, even a weak winter sun heats up the room behind the glass. 
Contact us for more information regarding balcony glazing. Visit our gallery or Lumon webpage for inspiration and details.