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F-50 Horizon

The F-50 Horizon glass railing system takes its name from being able to watch into the horizon with an uninterrupted view. The glass railings system completes your balcony terrace and is made to match every customer's specific taste. The F-50 glass railing system has a wide range of aluminum profiles and glass combinations available. The F-50 system is qualified for all building requirements in residential areas in terms of load-bearing requirements and is an affordable luxury.
  F-50 aluminum railing system

F-50 horizon aluminum-glass railing system is a maintenance-free handrail systemGlassrailing

Choose columns of strengthened aluminium profiles and fillings with glass or rails in a modern and functional system. The profiles are manufactured with polished anozdied finish and are made of seawater resistant aluminium, in stainless steel look.

The F-50 system has a wide range of customization possibilities, from the shape of the posts to optional wooden components.
F-50 Horizon is an affordable system for the majority of homeowners who are looking for glass railing solutions.      F-50 compliments your terrace/ balcony and is made to match your taste.

Modern Look

F-50 Horizon gives your home a modern look and an uninterrupted view of your surroundings. 

 Add and subtract the wide range of optional components and get the exact price for your glass railing.

In addition to the cosmetics, F-50 Horizon is a certified railing system and is qualified in terms of load-bearing of EU standards for private and commercial buildings.

You can  use our price calculator to find the price for your project!

F50 alugelænder

F-50 Accord aluminium balutrades

F-50 Accord is a beautiful addition to your terrace/ balcony. The glass balustrade system is made from anodized aluminum and does not rust and is maintenance-free. The standard version in the height of 1 meter, comes with 5 bars and a handrail on top, but can easily be customized.

F-50 Horizon B

F-50 Horizon B is a balustrade solution without the handrail. This gives a uninterrupted view if your surroundings. F-50 without the handrailing is not less safe than the version with the handrail. Profilshop only sells toughened and laminated safety glasses for our railings. Which makes your balcony/ terrace safe and stylish.