Glass railings


The advanced systems off aluminum profiles and tempered safety glass are ideal for glass railings, balconies, stairs, and terraces with high architectural standards. It offers an impressive aesthetic and functional result with no view limit. It is maintenance-free, easy to clean and is fabricated under UNI EN 10807 & NF P01-013 standards. The Crystalline system is available in 3 basic models: embedded mount, top mount and external fascia mount. Each one of the models offers different types and sizes for various building applications.

The new Crystalline types,  L-line, and Slimline combine the benefits of safety and transparency with easy installation and functionality.

The L-line, designed to cope with loads more than 3 ΚΝ/m fulfills the requirements and regulations for offices, stadiums, shopping centers, and public areas with high traffic.

The L-line offers adjustment of the glass panel by using special internal trolleys having the potential to tilt, shift and align the glass panels both for the on the upper edge of the glass and tilting. Due to this, the glass panels can be adjusted on both y and z-axis.

The new Slimline is elegant and durable, with the best quality – to price relation. With Slimline, glass balustrades have never been more attractive. Thanks to the excellent engineering, you save time and money with this premium performance, your projects become a statement.

Slimline is designed for light to medium use is suited both for indoor and outdoor applications. The Slimline system resist linear of load more than 1.0 KN/m, it is appropriate for glass thickness between 11.52 mm and 21.52 mm, ideal for private residences, offices, shops and more!

Crystalline profiles comes in a one-piece profile of 3 m or 6 m, pre-drilled holes and drainage holes.

Crystalline profiletypes

A large selection of profiles is offered in the Crystalline range - download the latest catalog and browse through the variations suitable for all railing construction both private and commercial.