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Professional Consulting

Professional Consulting

We are always available if you have questions about glass railings, balustrades, balcony glazings or other solutions or need consulting for other of our products. We are knowledgeable regarding the regulations and legality of construction glass products, railings products as well as the detail and tolerances of our systems. Giving our customers the safest and

Our projects


References and cases can be viewed under the “reference” tab on our website. We supply material both for B2B and B2C customers and are open to any inquiry including our range of products and services. Contact us with your project 🙂


Realtime 3D designer and claculator.

Use our 3D realtime price calculator and designer, customize your own glass railing/ balustrade to fit your design and exact measurements. Click the button in the top right corner to get started.


  You can discover our products in detail in our showroom at Vejlbjergvej 11, Århus, Denmark. Profilshop has a wide range of products, glass colors, and variations available to choose from. We welcome any customers to our showroom either unscheduled walk-in or for preplanned meeting. We look forward to your visit.  

Complete solutions

Profilshop provides a perfect solution for your customized railing project in one complete package, delivered to your door. Use our 3D calculator to design and draw your glass railing according to your measures and see the price for the different solutions and variations, directly. You can through the calculator place an order for your desired


Klarna is a payment service in Scandinavia that allows the customer to receive a product and pay partially over longer period of time. Klarna offers a wide range of different payment options which the customer can apply for. Profilshop co-operates with Klarna in order to offer our customers payment variations and flexibilty.