Wind shielding

Combining innovative technologies with special design. The Open Air system is the ultimate answer to the demand for contemporary and stylish outdoor spaces such as restaurants, cafes, roof gardens, hotels as well as private residencies. The Open Air system is patented and exclusively available from Aluminco, the glass is raised and lowered with a single effortless motion. What makes Open Air unique is its practical application as well as its minimalist design.

Open Air

Brand new unique glass system, Open Air is a system produced by Aluminco that can be raised and lowered with a slight touch or even a remote control.
Open Air windscreen system is the ultimate answer to today’s smart solutions for “outdoor living"   on terraces for private use, but also for restaurants, hotels, etc.

The combination of innovative technology and unique design makes Open Air the ideal solution for wind shielding with modern expressions.

A uniquely innovative and patented drive system designed by ALUMINCO  drives up the upper movable part in a widely variable setting to provide shelter.

In addition to its ease of use, Open Air provides a minimalist moderns design with its aluminum profiles and glass.
Open-air is the ideal solution for shelter on the terrace, in the cafe or in the restaurant, where you create a comfortable atmosphere for your guests.

The Open Air windshield system is available in several heights, widths, and colors.

Few variants Plus, Ultra plus where the glass screen is moved with gas springs and E-motion where you can control the glass screens automatically with remote control are available in various heights and lengths.

Open Air catalogue